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So here is something you may not know about me. My pain threshold is INCREDIBLY low. I can’t even look at a needle without feeling the need to pass out. I have a particular aversion to needles of all sizes and have a clear memory of hiding under the doctor’s table when I needed an immunization shot or something similar. The only thing that lured me out from under that table was a red lolly.

Image courtesy of The Lash & Beauty Room

Fast forward many years later and while I’m still a baby when it comes to needles, I’ve learnt to tolerate them. With eyes closed I pretend I’m on a tropical island, lying in a hammock and sipping on a cool cocktail. It works every time and fortunately I don’t need a shot very often. I once had my eyebrows waxed and thought that this was the most painful thing ever – why do people put themselves through this level of torture? I still don’t get it.

As a teenager, I had naturally luscious and thick eyebrows that required no work at all. Over the years, and especially after having my son, I noticed that my once thick eyebrows had become much lighter and thinner mainly due to over-plucking. At the time, I didn’t think that this would result in ultra-thin and barely there eyebrows. I just assumed they would grow back. They did not.

This is where The Lash & Beauty Room comes in. Meet Lash and Brow master Emma Brink. She owns this stylish beauty salon in Wynberg and I met her back in October 2017 for my first Microblading session. I was a tad anxious as I wasn’t quite sure what to expect – the fact that a blade with tattoo ink was going to create my new brows was freaking me out. But there was no need for me to worry. Emma is a true professional and patiently explained the procedure, how long it would take and what to expect. She’s also great fun to be around and I was instantly at ease in her company. She’s a firm believer in less is more and encourages a natural look.

The Before shot clearly shows why I needed help! Barely there brows are not a good look.

Pencilling in my new brows ?

After applying an ointment to mildly numb the brow area, she proceeded to pencil in the brow shape and after I gave her the go ahead, she began to pluck some stray hairs. I was happily chatting away and asked her when the Microblading would actually start. Unbeknown to me, it already had! The plucking part was the painful bit while Microblading itself wasn’t – for me anyway. This was surprising as I thought I’d be yelping and clenching my fists the whole way through. This shows just how good Emma is at her craft.

After the procedure, I barely recognized myself – I had eyebrows again! And not just any old eyebrows, but perfectly shaped and beautiful. I don’t consider myself a vain person, but found it hard not to sneak a peek in the mirror whenever I could! I was thrilled with the result.

The After shots – so very pleased with the result.

YES! I have beautifully shaped brows once again.

So what happens next? The aftercare routine is very simple but necessary. Emma supplies you with an information card and Vitamin A&D ointment which you must apply to your brows for up to 11 days. The brow colour is always darker once the procedure has been completed, but it naturally lightens over time and the final results will only be visible after 28 days.

A follow up (touch up) procedure is very important to achieve the full desired results and forms part of the Microblading process. An appointment can be scheduled for 4-6 weeks after the first one, but no longer than 3 months after the first session.

After my follow up session in early December, she mentioned that it would take about 4 weeks to achieve the final results and should last for up to 1 year. I’m happy to say that I’m really pleased with my brows.

Emma and her team of knowledgeable and experienced therapists offer a wide range of beauty treatments at reasonable prices. Keeping up to date with the latest technology and developments in the industry, Emma offers 6D Microblading as well as Dermapen3.

If you’ve ever considered a Microblading treatment but weren’t sure about where to go and what to expect, then I highly recommend booking an appointment with Emma.

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It’s a fantastic deal and you’ll be in the hands of a professional and master Microblading specialist! Book NOW as Emma’s appointment book is filling up fast and you definitely do not want to miss out on this special offer.

Have you tried Microblading and did it work for you? I’d love to know so please feel free to share in the comments section below ?

PS. Emma is also a super talented designer and part of her stunning collection is available for viewing at the salon.

Please note ~ I was invited to write a treatment review about my Microblading experience for The Lash & Beauty Room at no cost.

All views and images are my own unless otherwise indicated. All facial shots taken by Emma.

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